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“Slate is our Blue Male Chow.  He has had severe aggressive behavior.  Since he's been working with Theresa, he has improved greatly.  He completely trusts her.  He'll walk with her, do tricks, and is getting more comfortable around people and their pets. She has done wonders.” 

Steve and Marlena

Parents of two Chow Chows, Slate and Smokey

“Theresa is a marvelous trainer.  Not only does she have an innate sense of the dogs and their behaviors, but she is able to specifically identify messages that you may be inadvertently sending to your dog.  She works diligently to solve any issues.  The results:  educated and happy owners; content, well-behaved dogs.”


Lisa Casey

Parent of Goldendoodle, Esme

“Theresa has a gift.  We have seen her work with many families and many different kinds of dogs.  She has a unique connection with each family member and each dog.  Most important, she is effective in getting everyone engaged and learning.”


The Mahoney Kumar Family

Parents of two Great Pyrenees, Ares & Athena

My St. Bernard, Thor, was a rescue dog from my local animal shelter. When I adopted him, I didn't know that he would be dog aggressive. I used to limit taking him into public places where he might come in contact with another dog until I met Theresa. Theresa was a godsend. She helped me to be more confident in controlling my dog and being relaxed while handling him. She trully understands dogs and the dog-human relationship. I am so thankful for the education that she helped me gain. I highly reccomend her!-
Sincerely, Valeri & Eric
Parents of St. Bernard, Thor

Theresa has worked magic with my dog aggressive dachshund, don't laugh he is fierce! He could not be in a room with other dogs without being restrained and he can now be in the room with other dogs and not react, most of the time. He is a work in progress but greatly improved! Highly recommend!!!
Darla Pearson
Parent of two Dachshunds, Petey & Toby

Our MissionWhy Choose Us?What We OfferAbout TheresaTestimonialsContact Us